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  Project Manager (D1)
International Labour Organization

Project Manager (D1)
Reporting to Senior Management, the Project Manager is responsible for the management and implementation of the headquarters building project as approved by the ILO's Governing Body. The Project Manager shall lead the Office activities in developing the project, coordinating with the appropriate authorities and ensuring compliance with the approved budget, quality and deadline requirements. For this purpose, the Project Manager will organise, supervise and coordinate all actions taken to implement the project.

1. To provide management oversight for the project (excluding on-going scheduled works), from the conceptual development stage through to completion.
2. To manage and oversee all financial and budgetary aspects of the project and provide reports to meet all accountability and oversight requirements in line with the Financial Regulations and Rules and other governance requirements.
3. To act as the focal point in negotiations with host country authorities on matters relating to the project.
4. To lead a cross-functional team of specialists assembled to implement the project.
5. To coordinate and supervise the preparation of a master plan and schedule for completion of the project.
6. To oversee the selection of the Pilot .
7. To obtain all necessary permits and licenses and, depending upon the contractual arrangements, direct or monitor compliance with building and safety codes, other regulations, and requirements set by the project's insurers.
8. To direct and monitor the progress of work against the master plan to achieve completion of the project on schedule and within budget.
9. To monitor the quality of the work completed through surveys, site visits and liaison with contractors and local authorities.
10. To consult with the architect, engineer, contractors and others, as appropriate, on revisions to the master plan.
11. To ensure proper documentation and administration of contracts.
12. To develop and implement an effective communications strategy.
13. To report to higher level managem
Qualifications: Masters degree
Experience: 15 years +
Languages: English : Speak / Write Fluently
Job-Type: fixed-term
Remuneration: 160`000 - 200`000 (Annual salary) CHF
Permit Type: International
Region: Geneva
Advanced university degree in a related field. Academic qualifications may be partially replaced by demonstration of considerable relevant work experience.
At least 15 years of experience assisting or supervising construction/renovation projects of increasing complexity of which seven years must have been at the project management level. Experience managing at least one similar project budgeted at more than CHF 100 million.
Ability to work under pressure and coordinate numerous activities and groups of people who need to cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency. Ability to resolve specific, including inter-departmental, problems is essential. Must have a good understanding of engineering, architectural and other construction drawings. A strong knowledge of job costing, scheduling and estimating as well as Swiss building codes and standards. Ability to communicate decisions and instructions effectively both in writing and orally both externally and internally to all levels in the organization. Ability to draft clear and concise progress reports for the Governing Body and senior management. Ability to motivate staff, establish team objectives, assign and supervise work.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is devoted to promoting rights at work, encouraging decent employment opportunities, enhancing social protection and strengthening dialogue in handling work-related issues.